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Romantic Road

Picture-postcard towns, fairytale castles and breathtaking landscapes are the focus on this quintessential tour of Southern Germany.



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Start City


End City

Füssen (Neuschwanstein Castle)


2 days

Recommended Season

spring, summer, fall


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Romantic Road

- 2 days

2 days
spring, summer, fall

On the Romantic Road Driving Tour we point out the most scenic spots you shouldn’t miss, we tell you which towns to stop in (and which ones to skip), where to take a break to take in the scenery, where to pull over for the perfect picture- and where to spend the night. The Romantic Road can be very difficult to tour unless you know where to stop and what to look for. We show you how to tour the Romantic Road the right way. Like an insider.

What city to start from?

This tour starts in Würzburg and ends in Füssen at Neuschwanstein Castle. From here you can easily connect to Munich.

Can I t start at Neuschwanstein Castle and travel north on the Romantic Road?

You can certainly travel the Romantic Road in the opposite direction as well. But we decided that the ideal direction is from North to South – with the highlight Neuschwanstein Castle at the end. At this point we are only offering this driving tour going in one direction.

I am flying in Munich. Where should I start the tour?

If you start out from Munich we recommend taking the freeway to Würzburg on day 1 (300 km, 3.5 hours), overnight in Würzburg and then start touring the following day..

How much time do I need?

The tour is presented as a 2 day tour. But you can easily spend 5 or more days on the Romantic Road. It really depends on how much time you have available.

When can I purchase this tour?

This 2gotour will become available in spring 2022