Covid-19: Self-guided tours are the safest way to travel!


Here are the most frequently asked questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any other questions.

2gotours are the independent way to tour the Black Forest & other regions in Germany using our mobile app. Using a GPS enabled device, our app will guide you with directions and recommendations only a native can provide. Audio  plays automatically, providing you with background information on the area.

The 2gotour app tells you where to go, what routes to take, where to stop, where to eat and what to see. With any 2gotour you often see things other travel books don’t mention.

The app only requires GPS to function. It does not require a data plan or mobile network access. And since GPS is free, you only need to download the app before setting out on your tour.

Browse the tours on our website and find a tour that you like. If you are not sure which tour to pick contact us. We can point out which 2gotour is perfect for you. You can sort tours by your mode of transportation or length of tour. Then click ‘download app now’. The link will take you to the Apple or Google Play store. Download our app. Choose the tour you want to purchase. You are ready to tour immediately.

No. Everything you need to tour is included in the one download. There are content, images, videos, audio and maps.

No. Most mobile devices and tablets come with everything installed already. However, even if you do not have a maps app installed,
2GoTours apps include directions within the commentary.

Map apps (like Apple, Google) can lead you on a different route than our tour recommends. But a map app can come in handy to get you to the starting point of your tour, or if you want to leave the tour route and find a specific restaurant or location mentioned in the tour.
Having a map app installed makes it much easier to make detours on your own and return to the route later.

The app automatically plays audio content through your device’s speakers based on your location.

In order to hear the commentary through the car’s stereo system, you’ll need to pair your device with the car’s stereo system via Bluetooth.

Each tour has an official start/end city. But often visitors come in from other parts of the country on the morning of the tour. You do not
have to start the tour at the starting point. Instead, you can join and pick up the commentary and content anywhere along the route.

We regularly update the tours to reflect current conditions due to weather events or road closures. We also expand on existing tour routes and add new locations. To have the latest update we recommend updating the app just prior to starting your tour.

No problem!

We rent tablets so you dont need one. Send us an email and we arrange a pick-up time for you in Freiburg. Your tour is already loaded onto the tablet and you are ready to go in no time.

Yes it will still work. You don’t need cellular service while touring. We do recommend downloading the app and the tour content via a WiFi connection as the file can be large. 2gotours can range anywhere from 50-300 MB.

Once downloaded you can use the app offline with no data signal at all. The app uses your device’s GPS signal instead to determine your location and to play audio content automatically. All you need is your device’s GPS to be turned on.

Even if you do have a data plan we recommend you switch your data off as not only will you avoid charges or data usage, but you also get peace and quiet from emails and notifications.  But – If you are wanting to go online during your tour, e.g. to check on some of the websites the tour is providing you with, you need to turn your data back on.

Yes, the GPS signal is reliable in even the most remote places in Germany. For example, in the Black Forest, tall trees can affect the GPS signal a little so be wary in towns and in dense forest. If your intuition tells you something isn’t right, confirm by checking the turn by turn directions in the content.

2gotours can take up a lot of space on your device (average app size can range from 50-300 MB). You can delete the 2gotour file after your tour to free up space on your device again.

That depends entirely on your device. Using GPS location services do put demand your device’s battery. We have tested the app extensively and found that a normal new device (battery) will easily last all day using our app, but you do need to be careful how much you use it for other tasks like calls and browsing.

We recommend:

A charger cable which you can use in your vehicle.

Battery Saver – Many devices have battery saver features that you should acquaint yourself with in order to make the most of your battery life.

Flight Mode – You can save battery by using flight mode. That way you can still take photos, follow the route. Switch it back on to normal mode if you really need to make a call.

Turn the screen brightness down.

A spare fully charged battery. are battery pack and charge cable (which you can use in the car). 

Still have questions?

Feel free to contact us any time.